1. headshopgirl:


    The Goddess Of the Water

    by Trevor Selby (glasspipes.org)

    This is a collab with Elijah Harvey. :)
  2. headshopgirl:

    Kevin Nail

    Head Shop Girl

    Sorry for the break in posts Its literally been this long since ive seen a heady ( just kidding im cheating on tumblr with instagram sorry)

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  3. smotpoke:

    Joe Peters x Rose Roads

    High End Glass Blog

  4. takingashortbreak:

    blown-glass vessels (2011) by Venice-based artist Yoichi Ohira

    source & read more: elemenop123.blogspot

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  6. Cli

  7. acastonguay:

    Grog Bottles

    Blown Glass, 2013, 8-10”

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  9. legitdrosmoke:

    one of my most simple pieces but definitely one of my favorites.

  10. illmachine:

    Fireborn TwoStroke

    One of my all time favorite pieces, god damn.

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  11. samthatiam:

    Darby X Dellene Peralta

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  12. borostache:



    Glass artist K. William LeQuie


    love love love!

    Simply fantastic

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  13. iterates:


    Brilliant Thought-Provoking Satirical Illustrations by Pawel Kuczynski

    these are always excellent

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  15. legitdrosmoke:

    one of the most unique carver pieces in our collection.